Our mission is to make certified payroll an easier process.

Blueprint to simplify your work load.

-Steven Fnkhouser

You may not realize but the way your business needs to connect with your audience has already changed.  

The methods that captured the attention of your customers 10, 5 or even 2 years ago are dying. And it’s costing you money.

You need to rise above the noise.

This is the perfect time to step up because now you are on a level playing ground. We live in a digital world that allows you to connect quickly and easily with your audience. New opportunities have come for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to stand out.

I hope to provide free content for you, to learn, and build a better future.


I want to do work that inspires me and others every day. I hope to empower the individual so we can create our future.

And of course, have some fun along the way!

Together, we will be able to move mountains and change the world for the better.


Hi, My name is Steven Funkhouser.

I started my career in the construction industry in January of 1999, I was a temporary payroll clerk working in a satellite office for an engineering and construction firm. I remember my first day driving up to my new office, a trailer in the middle of no-where on the outskirts of Los Angeles County to report for duty. It was a two hour drive from the main office, I was nervous, it was hot, I was wearing a button down shirt, tie and pullover vest… I felt out of place when I met my boss came out to greet me, while we spoke he spit tobacco into a pepsi can, …

I was eager to learn about the construction industry and they were willing to teach me. I attended any training they made available, I became OSHA certified, MSHA Certified, CPR trained, First Aide trained, I learned to use excel spreadsheets and formulas to streamline the payroll process, create billings, etc., and another lesson I learned is to make sure it’s my Pepsi (yes, I took a big gulp of my bosses tobacco spit). These are skills that I still use to this day (even the soda can one… you never know).

Although my career path has changed from time to time I seem to always come back to the construction industry. The laws seem to always be changing and in this age of technology, requirements for online processing and electronic registering, etc. are becoming the standard. The purpose of this site is to answer questions about Certified Payroll but also to answer question I hear every day about changes in the construction industry in general. 

Thank you, 

Steven Funkhouser